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As a licensed professional counselor, my goal is to help you succeed at living a rich, satisfying life. Sometimes that means helping you overcome a problem such as too much anger or anxiety, sometimes helping you develop a new skill or understanding, and sometimes just deeply listening to you. There is always opportunity to live a better life – I want to be your catalyst for seeing the opportunity and turning it into success.


In-person counseling appointments are available weekdays. New clients begin by talking with me for a few minutes on the phone, to make sure I am a good fit for you. Phone, Internet, and videoconference appointments are available most days of the week and can make psychotherapy possible in remote Alaska communities.


I charge $180 per individual counseling session. Payment is due at time of service by cash, check, or credit card.

Many health insurance plans will reimburse some of your counseling costs, if they consider your goals "medically necessary." After you pay in full, I can provide an invoice necessary for you to submit your own insurance claims.


My office is downtown at:

319 Seward Street, Suite 3
Juneau AK 99801
Enter on Seward Street, between 3rd and 4th streets, climb the stairs, and turn right into the hallway. Suite 3 is the second door on the right.

Detailed information and forms for clients

New clients

If you want, you can read and sign forms prior to your first appointment. We will review these documents during our first session:

Reimbursement by health insurance plans

If you are interested in submitting claims to your health insurance to reimburse you for your counseling costs, we will review and have you sign this form:

Client Authorization for Insurance Utilization

The first time you submit a claim to an insurance plan, you should include a copy of this form:

W-9 - Tom McCabe, MA - EIN

Coordination of care

If you want me to collaborate with your other health care providers, you can speed that up by authorizing Release of Information (ROI) using this form:

Authorization for ROI

We can complete this form together, to make sure we both understand what you want. If you have already filled out a similar form with one of your other providers, it may be enough to give me a copy of that provider’s ROI form.

More about my style

My highest priority for counseling is for you to feel comfortable talking with me. My commitment to you is that I will be open and respectful toward whatever you share with me, even experiences that carry pain, confusion, or embarrassment. From that place of trust and acceptance, we can engage in psychotherapy (often called talk therapy, or just therapy) to explore and build ways for you to be stronger, happier, and more connected. Anything from working with anger, anxiety, or depression to creating your ideal livelihood is fair game for counseling.

My approach to counseling mixes features of many traditions, including mindfulness, psychodynamics, systems theory, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and relational/humanistic therapy. I prefer to work from a strengths orientation but can start with a more traditional problem orientation if you prefer. I use gentle humor to ease the intensity that sometimes makes counseling challenging. I combine these tools differently for each client because no two people need or want exactly the same thing.

Ideally you will guide your own counseling by noticing what does and does not feel helpful to you and sharing that with me as we go. That way, together, we practice you shaping your life according to your own designs, even while you are creating and refining those designs.

I hope you will be able to sense how satisfying it is to me to make my livelihood in this creative, collaborative, and ultimately meaningful way.


Tom McCabe, MA, LPC
PO Box 23284
Juneau AK 99802-3284
FAX: 888-972-1911

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